Preserving The Past To Enhance The Future

Tiffany Window Contributors

These three magnificent 30 feet tall stained glass windows were designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and made in his New York Studio. Mr. Tiffany designed the interior space of historic Calvary Church as well.

The Ascension Window portrays with literal accuracy the account of the dramatic event of the Ascension as it is described in the book of Acts. The window was given in honor of Mr. Joseph Horne, a founding member of the historic Church.

The Resurrection Window is drawn from several sources in the books of Mark and John; the side panels depict followers of Jesus coming to the sepulcher. Mr. C.B. Shea, partner of Mr. Joseph Horne, gave this window in honor of his wife and parents.

The Apocalypse Window depicts John on the Isle of Patmos, as recorded in the book of Revelations. The window, in memory of Dr. Matthew Simpson was given by the industrialist Mr. James Verner.