Our Mission

Allegheny Historic Preservation Society (AHPS) supports the preservation and restoration of architecturally significant buildings in greater Pittsburgh. AHPS offers technical assistance to building owners, nonprofits, and community organizations. AHPS educates the public about Pittsburgh’s architectural legacy and the benefits of historic preservation in creating strong, vibrant, and sustainable communities.

Our Vision For The Future

  • Humanity Preserved
  • Historic Legacy Restored
  • Urban Community Sustainability
  • Lighting the way for Pittsburgh’s future generations



The Beginning

The Allegheny Historic Preservation Society began in 1988. On April 10, 1988, the first AHPS meeting took place. It began with a vision of a few to restore the magnificent Calvary United Methodist Church completed in 1895 which was in danger of closing its doors. There were only 12 individuals in attendance on Sunday mornings.

The Organization

Formed as a nonprofit, nondenominational historic preservation organization for the purpose of access to greater resources and contributions to the community. The AHPS Board consists of 11 members and has a growing membership. Many of these individuals have volunteered thousands of hours for restoration projects.

AHPS does not have a paid staff nor an office, allowing about 85% funds raised to go toward our projects.


The Leadership

Kirk Weaver, President
David Grinnell, Vice President
Timothy Zinn, Treasurer
Jesse Belfast, Secretary

Margee Bilyak
Pamela Monk
Rev Beth Nelson
Robert Poirier
Nancy Richards
Fred Ruddock
James Wallace

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