Our Angel Cards

You now have the opportunity to purchase cards featuring two of the angels in Calvary’s Tiffany windows.

There are two designs available. The first is the Tiffany angel located on the left of the Ascension window (on the right side of the Sanctuary), and the other is the angel with lilies, designed by the Rudy brothers, and located high up on the far left of the church. Each package contains eight cards and envelopes and costs $10.00.

Nearly $7,000 has already been raised towards the restoration of Calvary’s 130 year-old pews! AHPS is presently interviewing furniture restorers. Many pews are in need of refinishing while others will need to be re-glued or stabilized. Some have had to be “roped off,” because they are simply not safe to sit on. Some are just missing pieces of the carved quatrefoils.

You can purchase here for a minimum order of five packages with no shipping charge.

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